2.0 sucks. Crashes every second game.

  • Just like every other post on here. I've played about 40 games since 2.0 and I think the amount of games actually completed would be less than 5. The game is currently so buggy it's a real disappointment. Amazing that this is a paid game with so many bugs.

    Is there any expected release of a non buggy game soon? If not, how can I start the refund process?

    I didn't pay for this crappy buggy game..... Learn to test before release holy shit.

  • absolutely agree. Really hard to get any multiplayer game finished, Always starts with one player out of sync then the other starts as well.
    Come on this game used to be awesome now its a big piece of frustrations.

  • Maybe just revert to the previous version until V2 is fit for release?

    I'm sure I can live without "zoom mode" and "red suns" for a while longer :laughing:

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