Disconnect abuse or just a bad game

  • I get constant games where people just leave and the game just freezes, I restart the app and turns out I'm the one that gets kicked with a perfectly fine internet connection, my karma is now 2 stars thanks to this constant disconnection.

    Player delay turns all the way towards the end knowing he's losing and it just freezes the game and kicks me out.

    Can I get a refund? Why did I pay $5 where I can only play 1/8 of my games.
    Is there a way people can just disconnect an entire lobby? Are the games server side or P2P?

  • Another strange example - guy disconnects in the beginning of a match and is replaced with a bot.
    Around the time when everyone has 5-6 points, he somehow comes back, and his turns are frozen, I end up disconnecting.

  • I've mentioned this and other problems here recently...
    but it seems the developers are now chosing to simply ignore any legitimate complaints players have about the game because they're just too stupid to fix any problems they created. :thumbsdown:

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