Sure wish I could play an entire game

  • The latest upgrade is trash. It has made everything worse. My internet works perfectly fine and I can't even get through an entire game anymore without it getting stuck. It is almost every time now. That's assuming you can even get a game started. Seriously, I need to find out who the developers are so I don't hire them for anything.

  • I agree - it is insane how often the game freezes or keeps glitching. It is a simple simple game, it shouldn't be that hard to make it work.
    In my experience there expecially seems to be problems with playing on Ipads or Iphone - they just can't keep up, so the game freezes or crashes. Also, I don't understand why people are not booted and replaced with an AI when their time runs out - it should be extremely simple. If you miss your turn two times in a row (and three times i an entire game), you are booted. It seems like the developers are afraid to make hard rules concering the game, which makes the game experience poor for everyone.
    Come on - get the game working. It should be simple enough!

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