I feel sad today.

  • I feel sad today.

    I wanted something to cheer me up.

    I wanted to play Catan online with strangers. A quick 20 minute match usually cheers me up.

    I have nowhere to go. Nowhere to play Catan.

    There is just an empty space in my heart.


  • Will the servers be up soon.?? I have the update-but cant log in. Acces denied

  • @larbokel
    I was referring to www.playcatan.com being shut down last week.

    Even if the Catan Universe servers were up, I would still write: "I have nowhere to go. Nowhere to play Catan."

  • Hehe ok. I signed up last night and played one game- I wanted to play more now but cant log-in.

  • Good-bye to you my trusted friends
    We’ve known each other for about thirteen years
    We played together - ten thousand games
    We had joy, we had fun
    Learned of love, met friends
    But now the joy and fun
    Have all gone
    Good-bye my friends, it’s hard to see Catan die
    [freely adapted from Terry Jacks]

    I am very sad, too

  • I'm sad too. I feel your pain. Perhaps a Catan support group is in order?

  • Admininstrator has moved the topic. Lol, I guess they want this to be somewhere hidden in a less visible part of the forum. It was sticking out in the general comments section. LOL>

  • No, the Off-Topic section is super!

  • @isis46 Is it? Maybe. Meh.

  • This could be a nice section if it wasn't stuffed with comments that belong sowhere else :unamused:

  • really wish i could play catan right now, so sad.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yes, it is sad to loose such a community. Lets hope a new playcatan site will be set up somewhere in the future!

  • one more day and you can play again. ☺

  • not everyone will enter in playcatan tomorrow ,for example i will not,....and today i STILL cannot play catan universe.:disappointed: Why could you play, today? ....i hope that all old players dont forget to play with us, the new ones..:smirk:
    I´m asking myself, why some people are entering in the play today, after the up date, and some not! Do you know why?

  • @elemaj - I had problems with the games on CU as well today. Sometimes the browser game did not load at all, sometimes I set up a game and then it just was gone. One froze when we were almost done. I think this new update from today is a bit buggy, but they will work on it.
    And I am sure a lot of us "old" players will keep playing here as well since we want to see how things are improving. The return of PlayCatan is only an interim solution - I for one will play on both when I have time.
    See you around!

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