Frozen Games

  • I have tried playing four different games this morning with live people, and I have been kicked out of each one of them because the games froze. This is super frustrating, not only because I actually want to PLAY the game, but also because I don’t know if it is affecting my karma. My internet connection is great, so I don’t think it’s in my end, if it’s like it freezes up after another player’s timer runs out. SUPER annoying. And I used a scroll, so it’s basically just wasting the time I have since the scroll was activated.

  • It's been like this since the last update...

    I tried both Android and Steam versions, but every game ends up:

    a ) Completely hanging; never to return.
    b ) One or more players taking 60s to roll the dice (and the countdown timer being ignored afterwards), eventually to get taken over by a bot who then needs a "/reload" to move every one of his trades along - makes for a really fun 2 hour game :/
    c) Hanging for about 5 minutes then returning to normal until either (a) or (b) hits and ruins the game completely.

    For once can you just stop adding random visual "effects" and fix the netcode!!?!

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