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  • Hi CU Team,

    unfortunately online games are a pain in the butt atm. At MOST I could finish 50% of all my games. It's super frustrating!
    If they finish you still have to wait for ages since players have to /reload or restart the game over and over and over and over and over again.

    Please block 1 GB mobile users to join multiplayer games - IF that causes the (worst) problems. Otherwise, please just fix fix fix and test test test.

    My Setup
    Desktop Windoof PC
    4GB Ram
    Dual Core Intel ~2gh
    Onboard gfx

  • seriously, when are you going to do your job ?
    your app is a joke. we paid and as winterfl said, it's only possible to finish 50% of games

    i'm playing on browser, so of course i'm updated.
    since you moved to catanuniverse, its worst and worst. never seen so incompetent team
    playcatan was ugly, but it worked !!!

    thats insane

  • Now trolls are abusing the situation, hoping to make players leave the game to get "easy" elo (or for whatever reason).

    Also, sometimes you get into a game of "The first Island" when you haven't choosen it. It's a boring map compared to the others. Please fix this bug, as it is bad for all 4 players involved. I usually quit, lose elo and the other guys get a boring UI player fix up.

  • Yeah, I had to give up as it was just becoming a complete and utter joke and virtually every game ending up failing one way or another:

    • 50% of the time it hangs outright.
    • 25% of the time the (AI?) players start taking 5 minutes to roll the dice (AFTER their turn timer is run to zero).
    • 15% of the time the AI players require a "/reload" for every trade they propose.

    Had one game where the AI took over my game whist I was still in it.

    Had another game where I lost as soon as it started (without even seeing the board).

    I don't get why they can't just revert the changes they made in V2 and do some more testing before they re-release it... It was buggy before, but at least it was playable most of the time...


  • Doesn't look like I'll be playing until version 3 then... Really looking forward to green suns, 4D graphics and a googolplex of new bugs!!!


  • Two months of this crap and still no fix in sight... :facepunch:

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