Game gets stuck constantly now!

  • @Developers

    Since about a week ago the game gets stuck constantly. It happens when one of the players timer runs out.
    All the players eventually leave the game and the one that stays is being forced to quit themselves also.
    Over the last 8 games played alone, I havent been able to finish a SINGLE one!
    Because the game keeps forcing players to quit we lose a lot of ELO and KARMA points.
    Over the course of one week I personally have dropped in ELO score from 1185 to 1020, and KARMA score from 5 stars to 3!

    What are you going to do about this bug?

  • i have the same problem, they have to fixe all theese issues ASAP

  • I have just played the mostly frustrating game wIt’s two players who deliberately went slowly and wouldn’t respond to any trades or messages. However the system didn’t boot them out, they just continued taking far too long. What can be done about this?

  • same problem there

  • Same Issue..Problem seems to be with Logged-In Session getting expired while playing. So even with internet connected when you are logged out while playing game, you get kicked out from game as there was no active logged in session.

  • Same problem with me. Today i got those problems either, but i tried a new thing. I closed the app and reopen, than worked. I rejoin the game and still playing, but, still happens a lot.

  • @MT10
    Hey, just a heads up if you're not aware... If you're playing on PC then you can only reload your game like that 2 times. If you reload the game after the second time you will not automatically rejoin the game but instead you will have been kicked from the game and you lose the same amount of ELO points you usually lose when being kicked from the game.

  • @Developers

    Are you avoiding this question??? It has been a week and still no response.
    Why even have this forum if you're not answering questions that your players have?
    So I'll ask once more...

    What are you going to do to fix this bug?

  • @Developers

    Ok, now it's becoming really ridiculous! This new update literally is the worst since the creation of this game.
    Besides the game getting stuck for no apperent reason, people being forced to either quit or wait until the other players do so (which also causes some very sad people to take advantage of the bug), sometimes when the AI takes a players place now... it takes a ridiculously long time for it to roll the dice!
    So the real players in these situations are forced to wait on the retarded AI to start their turn! XD

    Seriously programmers, how do you manage to f#ck up this game even more with every update? I'm honestly starting to think that you're purposely implementing these bugs to waste everyone's time.

    Perhaps it's time to take your losses and revert back to the last update, because this travesty of a game has become almost unplayable at this point.

  • Game is totally unplayable in its current state...

    Really needs V2 reverting until it's been tested properly.

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