• Dear devs,

    Can you please fix the base game before adding more and more features?
    There are several connectivity issues, e.g. AI agents not responding in multiplayer mode, or the fact that I have to restart a custom game every time it is launched after launching the game via browser (Chromium).


  • This New version keeps crashing again and again after every step on game, I am using IPad

  • Mine too. I'm on an iPad. Try to start any game, the computer starts and then the game just exits. Based on the number of comments on the Apple Store, seems I am not alone. I keep checking back for updates. Is there a fix in the works?

  • Let’s wait 2.02 which will fix frozen AI

  • @Jarbba83 - In my experience the game keeps crashing when people are playing the game on Ipads or Iphones. It seems they can't keep up. I have no tehcnical explanation to back up my statement, but for some reason I have experienced that the game almost always crashes when someone is playing the game on Ipads or Iphones.
    The developers should be able to fix it, but at the moment that seems to be a major reason to games crashing

  • the game crash at least evry 1/2 games, i'm using chrome.

    i'm very insatisfyed by a game i paid over than 30 euro.

  • Frozen AI in multiplayer games is incredibly annoying. On a regular basis, an AI just stops doing anything and the only way out is canceling the game. Please fix, many good features in the new version but very very buggy.


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