Catan Universe Update_4 en

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    Fixed issues

    ● Active Player indicator was not set correctly if a player re-joins a match

    ● Player Account name case­sesitivity issue

    ● Missing overlay for deserter progress card

    ● Hidden hand cards after playing development cards

    ● Forget password issue

    ● Missing Knight at build menu after upgrade

    ● Loosing a Metropole gets wrong animation

    ● Win condition handling after playing progress cards

    ● Quick Matches doesn’t start properly

    ● Blocker in Smith progress card

    ● Loading games with Merchant and Metropolis with Wall

    ● Issue with AI move robber/pirat

    ● Issue with loosing metropole (Blocker)

    ● Fix issue with click on hand cards not captured properly

    ● Fix issue with smith progress card

    ● AI Crash if it should react on the wedding card

    Newly added functions

    ● First playable scenarios of “Cities and Knights” + “Seafarer”


    Player avatars were reminded of their manners regarding some animations

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