Different Map Bug in Multiplayer

  • I am trying to play with 1 friend and 1 ai.
    When we start the game in custom mode, both of us have different boards every game.
    How can we fix this bug?
    We have tried using different platforms (Steam, web, mobile app) and tried restarting the clients and games

  • @gnsskiwi
    Two friends & I have the same problem... one friend & I always have the same board but the 3rd friend's board is ALWAYS different!
    We THINK it might have something to do with her being on a different type of device (2 Android vs 1 Apple) - or maybe version/update differences - (although I thought at the time that we checked the versions to make sure we were all updated to the same one). I have been able to play with the one friend, but we have never been able to play with the 3rd person online as we would enjoy.

    Hope it gets fixed soon!

  • This problem is not yet fixed. Different map by Android player (Other players had iPad and Browser)
    Please fix this!

  • Yes, I had the same issue when trying to play with a friend over the weekend. Please fix this! I would love to play online (particularly during lockdown).

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