• Hi @administrators .
    Since the update i've not been able to play on any of my Apple devices. The app crashes right before the match is about to start. I don't understand why every single update has been worse than the one before. I've been playing since it was free so I've been through many versions... this is the worst! I'm sorry but please fix it!

  • I'm using the same devices I did before the updates. iPhone 6 (12.4.6) and Mac OS X El Captain (10.11.6). The new version seems soo heavy

  • please help @Administrator

  • hello? still not solved @administrators @Administrator

  • I don't think they have fixed it, but there was something about it on the Discord server. Apparently it has something to do with the older Apple devices? Here's the relevant text from the announcement on Discord.

    Hi Catanians,

    Tomorrow July 22nd at 2pm [CEST] servers will go in maintenance mode. We will use the maintenance to roll out update 2.0.1.
    This update unfortunately does not include a fix for the issue iOS 12.X devices with 1 GB of Ram have. The fix for this particular issue is more complicated than anticipated. Our team is still working on a feasible solution that won´t impair the display quality on more modern devices."

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