Game is stuck on abandoned Player

  • stuck in game right now where one player disconnected and the other player is doing nothing but the timer is NOT timing out.
    FIX THIS ISSUE. i have run into this scenario often and i shouldn't.

  • great, i get booted with message that i took to long. this is bs. i get penalized for this dumb bug that is not my fault.

  • game froze. i shutdown and immediately restarted and once i logged back in ..... no attempt to connect to game i was just in. i didn't even get the 'you were kicked from last game for taking too long' message.
    glad that i was in the lead but now I lose ELO instead.
    the progra for this game SUCKS. how can i get my money back?

  • So, i started another game. same as last game, timer runs out on a different player, they don't get replaced (booted) with AI and nothing happens. i wait a little while, but just in case it's ME that's the issue, i reload web page (i play online, firefox browser). i log back in... and.... nothing. no timeout error warning, nothing. it's as if i was never in a game. i assume i am booted, but i did the reload/login within 15 seconds. while i may have waited 20-30 seconds after the previous players timer ran out, there is NO way i took too long to get back in the system.
    ok, lots of great info in there for this problem that has gone on FOR YEARS.
    please reach out... ask me more questions... follow up, anything that a good company would do for their customer.
    (i'll check back in a week to see if i have ANY response, but seeing as ZERO response to my previous 3 posts....)

  • i haven't played in a month. well, the first game i play it crashed 30 minutes in. same issue.
    no one has reached out to assist at all. nothing. radio silence.
    can i have my money back?

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