Lockup when passing the dice

  • This has happened twice, though I'm not sure it was the same Seafarers game. The AI (Candamir both times) on the end finishes their turn, and the game locks up. I don't get the dice. I can click other things, including the trade button, though everything is disabled because it's not time to trade. Both times it was well into the game.
    I checked my system resources. I killed a different process that was taking the CPU up to 100%, but it didn't make a difference. I waited for 6-8 minutes and gave up, choosing to quit.
    The second time I grabbed a log and a screenshot.
    Happened again the next night. :-(
    Me & AI again. Current player arrow and game log indicate that it's William's turn. William had just moved a ship. Whole turn log:
    Right after today's game, I started another one. It crashed during setup. I placed my first settlement. There was a delay in being able to place the road, but it did drop. The next player went, but it crashed before she could play.

  • The same thing happened to me every time I tried to play CaK but I was able to play through a game of Seafarers without anyone locking up

  • Happened again.
    Me and AI again. After Candamir, the dice were never passed.