Bug not seeing my 13 length road.

  • Hey guys,

    My friend, Linyx544 had the longest road of 12 at this point. This turn, I built 4 roads to make what I thought would be 13...but the game only counts 12. I'm red, Dandylion Roar. What's going on??

    Any help would be appreciated!

    I would add a picture but please refer to my post on reddit.

  • Your road is only 12 long. The single road branch does not count towards longest road because it isn't in a continuous line. Think of them as one way streets. If you begin at one end and you travel in one direction (no reversing or turning around) how many roads can you travel over until hitting an end point?

  • Unless I’m color blind with the 9-3 hexes to the south, it looks like 13 continuous roads to me!

    I count 14 total roads. The only road I see that doesn’t count is the 6-10-9 road branching into the city.

  • @LemuelB2 please take glasses and count again :)
    He has built a total of 14 Red roads
    Yes, Road which you mentioned does not count for the Longest Road
    But the rest 13 Roads make a perfect Longest Road.
    Well reported bug!

  • @M4RC15 my bad. The red road next to the purple settlement looked like it was purple the first time I looked. I had to zoom in a bit for the color difference to be noticable.

    I guess it is time to up the magnification on this old man's reading glasses. ;-)

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