cant connect after disconnecting due to internet problem

  • hello guys,

    after biginning a game, il had a connection problem and the game was closed.

    when re-open the game to start playing, i cant login. Catan stay locking for the game a left automaticly due to the connection problme.
    please to fixe this issue.

  • administrators

    @saht2 we are in maintenance mode right now

  • @Administrator thank you for your feedback, but please note that during lasts weeks, cantane becomes very buggy, even when the ia play, they stay stucks.
    you have to work better to fixes a lot of issues.

    i have an other request, please when a player quit, we need to have the possibility to quit the game with out loosing karma by having he autorisation of the other player. as is was done in previews catane.

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