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  • I entered this in the suggestions forum, but I wasn't sure if that was the right place, so I'm including it here.

    We stopped playing Special Scenarios - Enchanted Land after the 2.0 update. The reason we stopped is that ALL of the dragons are level one. There are no level 2 or 3 dragons at all.

    The game is very easy to beat now and is basically a race to get to the island with a level one knight, kill six dragons and win. Whoever gets there first wins, the rest of the game is pointless.

    Suggested fix while playing single-player mode:

    Novice- heavy mix of level 1, 2 and level 3 dragons
    Veteran – a few level 1 dragons and mostly level 2 and more level 3 dragons.
    Master- a couple of level 1 dragons a few level 2's and the majority level 3 dragons

    Multiplayer mode: 2 level one dragons, 2 level two dragons, and the remaining 15 dragons all level 3, all randomly placed each game.

    If that would be too complicated to program, then the multiplayer scenario for all games would be great.

    This scenario is usually not played by beginner Catan players, so making it a challenge to win is what makes it such a good game.

    The placement of the dragons needs to be random on the board each game too.

    On a side note, the game is too classy for cartoonish emojis. I'm sure you must have liked the idea, or you wouldn't have added that feature. For those of us who don't like it, could you add a toggle switch so we can turn them off, PLEASE! I play the game to relax I don't need an emoji tapping his watch telling me to hurry up.

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    @GameMaster0027 dragons will have the proper levels again after todays update.

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