Had a knight to protect city but still caused “destruction” when barbarians arrive

  • This happened twice where I had activated my knight with one city present in my turn before the barbarians defeated Catan, but I still lost my city... we all had the same number/strength knights...

    Screenshots on Google drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-RjDGtsMg2bMHUmEyIVWbbz-4-lVUoY4

  • How many, and which, of the other knights on the board were activated? Did any other player lose their city?

  • Activating knights to protect your cities probably wasn't enough in this case.

    My guess is that 1 knight from each player was activated for a total of 3 knights. There were 4 cities present, thus barbarian strength of 4.

    When barbarians strength is higher than that of the players, then the lowest contributor(s) all lose a city to destruction. Since all 3 players were the lower contributor (1 knight each) all players lose a city to destruction.

    This is why matted@ asked how many knights were active and whether the other players also lost cities. I think they are suspecting the same.

    The number of cities owned by the players is not considered for the purposes of destruction.

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