Game freezes and won’t move to next player

  • Re: Game freezes and player stalls
    This happens in both singleplayer and multiplayer... a players turn times out but instead of moving to the next player the game freezes. I go into the chat log and it says that I’m not currently in a multiplayer game.

    Screenshots on google drive

  • This happens 1 in 2 games for me. It is completely insane. The game is becoming unplayable. I am playing on the app via Steam on my Mac. So many games are just a total waste of time because I'm sitting there doing nothing for 15 minutes whilst it works out what's going on. And I lose ELO and so forth if I back out.

  • yup seems worse than ever. really like the game. but I wouldn't mind a 2d simple basic as version.. as long as theres no bugs. Freezing kills this game..

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