Catan 2.0: Moving Ships

  • Catan 2.0 - HOW do you move a ship in seafarers?

  • You click on the ship and then click on the spot where you want it to go.

  • Hi - I'm having a situation in Treasure Island where I place ships and then, about half way through the game, I can't move ones I placed earlier.

    Is there a rule about this? Or is it a glitch?

    There is not terminal settlement or city at the end of this line of ships.


  • You might be having the disappearing ship issue. When a treasure is opened, sometimes the ship opening it will disappear from your screen (it will still show on others screens). When this happens, none of ships attached to the vanished one can be moved and (because it isn't displaying) it won't let you move the invisible one. It will let you build a new ship or settlement at the end of the invisible ship though, because the ship is actually still there.

    If this is the case, there are two things you can try to make the ship show up again. You can try typing "/reload" into the chat window, which should refresh the graphics and make the ship visible again. Or, a little riskier, you can try exiting the app and rejoining the game. If you can successfully rejoin, the ship will be visible again and can be moved.

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