Sorry to bug you (no pun intended) but I found another (minor) bug

  • When playing base game vs. two AI players (Lin and Nassir, both master level) up to 14 victory points, I received the Longest Road when one AI player (Lin) cut another AI's road in half (Nassir).

    This gave me 15 victory points (I already had 13), but the game did not end and it did not register my win until it was my turn. Only when I rolled the dice to start my turn, it showed that I won, with the music and cheering with the ability to look at stats, etc.

    It's not a big deal, this is an awesome game, I play it with my children, friends and neighbors, but maybe you'll find this interesting.

    Thanks again, Andrew

  • I have had a similar experience buying development cards and getting a vp card, but would not register the win until I rolled the dice on my next turn. Also playing against ai.

  • @SpaceX99 That´s not a bug. :bug: It´s a feature!
    According to the rules, you haven´t won :game_die: until it is your turn. :tada:
    In most cases, this won´t make a difference, but sometimes things change meanwhile.
    For example, you could loose longest road :construction: again, if a knight is chased off, or someone else gets to enough victory points before it is your turn. Kind of maddening, but great fun, too. :scream_cat: Suspense till the last second!

  • This post is deleted!

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