fix the dice

  • dice algorithm can not be good, do something to fix it.
    1 picture 1000 words :[

  • @BloodForPeace said:

    At least there were 6s and 8s. I keep playing games where 5s and 10s and 11s are way more frequent.

  • I agree. Here's mine:

  • Okay, these complaints are just anecdotal, they have legitimate issues to fix, this is not one of them. I've played real games where one number will roll 20 times in a row. This happens. Probability is based on iterations approaching infinite. I had a game where we rolled snake eyes 15 times in a row. The odds of that are impossible, but it happened.

  • Feels like the dice chooses to randomly favor 2 numbers each game and boosts their chance to roll. Really unbalanced when you see the stats at the end of the game and an unlikely number rolls twice as much as a "higher probability" number. How could a 3 roll 15 times when 6 rolled only 7 times? Seems that a lot of players are noticing these patterns, which makes it unlikely that it's just bad luck. Oh well guess it's time to jump ship to

  • Please fix the dice (or unfix them, as it were). It's not fun as it is, and I wish I'd read all the complaints before I made purchases.

  • I find that most recently whatever number I have my settlement are the least rolled. I understand that in a real game sometimes the most popular numbers don’t always come up most often but it seems unlikely that in almost all games the AI players get the most rolled numbers ? Makes it not fun - probably won’t keep playing if they don’t improve the dice algorithm.

  • Yes, it does often seem that when playing against bots the dice tend to favor the bots. Thankfully the AI doesn't play intelligently (which is why I usually call them bots rather than AI). :wink:

  • There's nothing wrong with the dice IMO. 1 tiny sample size does not mean anything. Show me a graph with a 1000 rolls and I guarantee it will be a nice bell shape.

    If you want closer to a bell shape over a small sample size, select the "Card Stack" option

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