Game stuck and i keep losing karma!

  • So i've had this problem since i bought the game. So basically it gets stuck because the game won't kick a player for not doing his move, and then it just gets stuck and you can wait for ages without it doing anything.

    So i keep leaving the game because i dont want to just look at a board game without it doing nothing. - When i leave i keep losing karma and that makes it hard for me to find games when i keep losing and losing - What can i do here?

  • I have a game right now that is frozen. Waiting 5 minutes for computer to take over for player who supposedly left. Now closer to 10.

  • I have the same issue. My karma is completely screwed because of it. Honestly, less time creating fancy graphics, more time making the game actually playable

  • Another game stuck right now.

  • Yeah it happens almost every game.... @administrators ????????

  • It happens every game, waste of money buying this broken game

  • @faarup
    Sometimes, when I get stuck, I just EXIT/CLOSE the webpage (do NOT quit the game) and then when you sign back on, go back to the exact same scenario you were just playing & it will give you the option to start a NEW game or CONTINUE the game that got stuck... almost every time, it REFRESHED the game back to the move before it got stuck & I'm able to proceed without a problem.
    When I am playing with another Live Player, you only have so much time to get signed back in before the game is lost (just over 2 1/2 minutes, I think) but if playing against only AI's, I don't remember there being a time limit for getting back to the game.
    Hope this helps!

  • Yeah, this is terrible. I just figured out you can do /reload (in the chat), but it still doesn't work. It reloads and you can at least take your turn, but you still see nothing between reloads.

  • It's becoming a total joke (I write this as I sit waiting to see if the current game with "unhang").

    Played about 20-30 games since the last update and don't think a single game has run smoothly...

  • I just managed to play 2 games without a hang and thought things were on the up....

    But then insta-lost the next game and 10 ELO (before the board even appeared)....

    Then the following game I got kicked and a bot took over whilst placing my second city; even though I could still see the other players and their chat!!!!


  • Yes, I just had a game where it went into "have to reload to see anything" mode. You might actually be able to play if you just keep typing "/reload". But it's nuts. You offer a trade, reload to see if anyone accepted, then take it if they did, etc.

    And even that might not really work. You can reload, have it say it's not your turn, reload again, and have it say your turn is almost over.

  • same
    this game is full of bugs
    a shame for developpers. should I told you that we pay for that game ???? seriously, please stop hire intern and fix it !!!
    or roll back to playcatan ! it was not beautiful but it works !!!!
    I manage to finish less than half game I begin ...


  • I am super annoyed with how this game acts up! During a multiple player game, if one person drops out, the game just does not move forward! Logging off and logging in back is not helping either! And they reduce the Karma!
    Developer guys! What r u doing? Very keen to ask players to purchase and stuff, but not very keen to provide a smooth player experience eh!?
    Also the layout off the app is very shitty. No options to report an error during a game, no options to mail the developers about your issues! Come on! And why does the board never get shuffled!? Is your AI so bad!??

  • I've been in the same hole for about three days now, I was really enjoying the game before that.

  • Demand a refund and report them the BBB. This is fraud. They won't fix it until we force them to. Greedy company doesn't give a shit about it's brand anymore.

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