Game stuck and i keep losing karma!

  • So i've had this problem since i bought the game. So basically it gets stuck because the game won't kick a player for not doing his move, and then it just gets stuck and you can wait for ages without it doing anything.

    So i keep leaving the game because i dont want to just look at a board game without it doing nothing. - When i leave i keep losing karma and that makes it hard for me to find games when i keep losing and losing - What can i do here?

  • I have a game right now that is frozen. Waiting 5 minutes for computer to take over for player who supposedly left. Now closer to 10.

  • I have the same issue. My karma is completely screwed because of it. Honestly, less time creating fancy graphics, more time making the game actually playable

  • Another game stuck right now.

  • Yeah it happens almost every game.... @administrators ????????

  • It happens every game, waste of money buying this broken game

  • @faarup
    Sometimes, when I get stuck, I just EXIT/CLOSE the webpage (do NOT quit the game) and then when you sign back on, go back to the exact same scenario you were just playing & it will give you the option to start a NEW game or CONTINUE the game that got stuck... almost every time, it REFRESHED the game back to the move before it got stuck & I'm able to proceed without a problem.
    When I am playing with another Live Player, you only have so much time to get signed back in before the game is lost (just over 2 1/2 minutes, I think) but if playing against only AI's, I don't remember there being a time limit for getting back to the game.
    Hope this helps!

  • Yeah, this is terrible. I just figured out you can do /reload (in the chat), but it still doesn't work. It reloads and you can at least take your turn, but you still see nothing between reloads.

  • It's becoming a total joke (I write this as I sit waiting to see if the current game with "unhang").

    Played about 20-30 games since the last update and don't think a single game has run smoothly...

  • I just managed to play 2 games without a hang and thought things were on the up....

    But then insta-lost the next game and 10 ELO (before the board even appeared)....

    Then the following game I got kicked and a bot took over whilst placing my second city; even though I could still see the other players and their chat!!!!


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