Victory not displayed if you win by Development Card Victory Point

  • It's happened to me enough times that I know it's a glitch. If I win the game via Development Card Victory Point, no game-winning victory music or indication and then the game stalls or freezes and cannot end. Thought the developers would want to know. Thanks.

  • I haven't had the game freeze, but I have bought a development card which gave me the victory point needed to win, but it didn't register the win until my turn came around again. Then as soon as I rolled the dice the win registered. It was like it treated it as a normal development card which you can't use on the same turn it is purchased.

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    Thanks for your reports. Could you please confirm that this happened to you in the base game, online game mode, and only if you bought the dev card at a time when one more VP should have triggered the win?

    I've sent this to the testing team and they could confirm this is the case. If just forwarded this to the development team to fix asap.

  • Hi,
    This just happened to me again to day. It is the online base game mode (not sure if its technically online, but through the steam app) on my laptop, when playing against computer players. Not sure if it happens when playing other online players.

    I was playing 2 AI players in this case, base game, up to 14 victory points, and I won the game by getting a 14th victory point via a development card VP and the same thing every time; game sort of dims, and you can still click on the trade button but those choices are all dimmed out. Also, you can still click on the icons to the left to quit the game if you want.

    Hope this helps, Andrew

  • I am pretty sure my situation was also against AI players (single player mode) since it happened a while ago when I was just try out the new UI before playing any auto or custom matches.

  • This has happened to me three times in online play in the base game. This occurs when you win by buying a Development Card that turns out to be a Victory Point. Your score goes to 10 and in the game log it says you have won, but the normal victory screen/music does not occur. The trade button is active and you can easily leave the game but it appears to not trigger the victory screen when you win this way. I've attached a screenshot of a game I just played where this happened.

    As seen, I've won after I acquired a Victory Point card (it it glowing) and the game log says I have won but the victory screen does not appear. I hope that this is an easy fix for the devs.

  • Yes, this happened to games I played a couple of times - I spend resources on a dev card, get a victory point card, and the game ends right there, no overlay where you can see the game stats, player prestige ranks, etc. The game just hangs. This is just anti climatic, I can't savor my victory =/ or see how my elo improved, etc.

    This was on online multiplayer base game, harbormaster scenario, 4 players. The other time it happened was online multiplayer as well.

  • Short answer - you can only win on your turn. It happens less often in Base game, but this rule is seen very frequently in the C&K expansion. For example, in C&K, if it's not your turn, but you've won Defender of Catan and it places you at the required VP's to win the game...the game goes on. You cannot win until it's your turn, so if someone gains the required VP's on their turn, even though you already have them and it's NOT your turn, they win. This is why there are no ties in Catan.

    Can't comment on the freezing issue...but I've seen a good deal of posts/comments on the forums about "why didn't I win".

  • Won by acquiring a Victory Card for 10 points against 3 Veteran bots in Single Player mode. No victory music or animation. Game just stopped with a greyed-out trade button in the lower right corner. Had to quit the game.

    This is still happening and it's July of 2021! Fix your game!!

  • Happened to me 4-5 times in single player on the base game. Victory points did not show a win, it just stays there and the trading/passing your turn disappears. VERY annoying, PLEASE FIX THE GAME.

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