Constant crash on iPad Air

  • Crashes shortly after game starts or before. Unusable :/. iPad air 12.4.7

  • Same here. Please fix this.

  • Are you both running this iOS version on the iPad Air 1? Regrettably, there is an issue with the iPad Air 1, iPad Mini 2 and iPhone 6 running iOS 12.X. We tested on these devices running iOS 11 and there were no issues. The team is looking into a solution for this currently.

    If you have any other device available to play on, you'll be able to use your CU account there as well in the meantime.

  • @Administrator
    Same for iPad mini 3 IOS 12.4.8

  • Me too. We have been using it for years with my Daughter in Germany, but since last few updates the game kicktimer would sub in an AI without any chance of veto, and then after last update there is always at least one of us it crashes on, iPad Pro, mini, and Generation 2 device. This is very upsetting, as we have all the expansions and have had no problem until about a month or two ago. Bring back the prior version that worked beautifully please, we miss Catan!

  • I continue to have problems with the iPad Mini 2 after the most recent Catan update, and iOS 12.5.1 update. Crashes early in the game, I can usually rejoin, but sometimes will crash at other points during the game as well. Annoying for me and my opponents.

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