Can you get at least one person who has played Catan on your dev team?

  • Instead of fixing the bugs and the things players didn't like(which we have made clear and have been begging for, for YEARS), you implement this TERRIBLE new UI with stupid features. Everything is harder to track and the person who though hiding chat and adding emojis was a good idea should be [DELETED, criticism is always OK, but please be civil]. You should all be embarrassed.

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    Chat is still available for all other modes than free match. Regrettably, we had to remove the chat in this game mode as abusive behavior by players in this easily accessible game mode was getting out of hand.

  • @apiland67 said:

    The worse abuse I have experienced from the devs who have never fixed the issues in the game I paid for and expected us to be happy with this downgrade update.

  • @Administrator Here is a link to the possible class action lawsuit for all those looking to get their money back from this cluster f.

  • @Administrator
    The thing that bothers me most is that you only responded to the chat complaint. The most minor issue of the update. This has been the problem for years. Nothing people care about ever gets fixed. If I say the person who hasn't fixed the bugs or terrible dice algorithm should be shot. Will you censor that and address the problem?

  • I totally agree with what u said. At first the excuse was that it was a beta version,then they launched a paid version without having the knowledge to solve the problems that existed. Its been 2 years that they constantly have updates which create more problems. They only choose when to respond and no apologies for this horrendous game. I am really shocked that anyone can sell sth which is so faulty for so many years without any consequences

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