Help with App bug & rules

  • I've spent weeks trying to find a forum for some help and am hoping this is it. I have the app on my ipad with Catan and all the extensions. There are two actual bug issues and I wonder if anybody else has the same problems:
    1- The menu at the side covers part of the opponents info so you cannot see how many city extensions they have. It's the brown curved part of the menu that blocks it.
    2- When playing Enchanted Land with the dragons, the map doesn't fit on the screen. If you try to pinch it to make it smaller, it jumps to an even bigger size and you have to quit and start over.

    With regards to rules, I would really like some more detailed rules on the Enchanted Land and the Great Canal (app versions) as the rules on the app itself are so basic. I find I have questions when I'm playing that just aren't answered. Does anybody know where I can find them? I've been emailing support on and off for weeks and still haven't got an answer so I'm hoping there's somebody out there to help.

    I love these games! I play the board games with my family and the app on my own. I do not play online. It's only the app I need help with.

    Thank you all :)

  • Have you looked at the almanac in the game. I can't say where it's at for the iOS app, but the Steam and Android apps have the almanac available during the game.

    Of course you probably shouldn't try accessing it during an auto match since your turn time might expire before you find what you are looking for 😉

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