Update won’t open

  • Why after the update does my game not open

  • administrators


    We're sorry that you're having trouble with the latest update. If you can provide some details, e.g. device and OS version you're using, we'll be able to find out what is wrong.

  • Same problem for me also...running an older iPad with 12.4.7 IOS....

  • @Administrator It is iOS 12.4.7

  • Thanks for the reply. Regrettably, the latest update has issues on iPad Air 1, iPad Mini 2 and iPhone 6 if they are running iOS 12.X. We tested extensively on iOS 11 on these devices and that worked just fine.
    The dev team is aware of the issue and is looking into a fix for this specific device/iOS version combination. If you have any other device available, you can use your CU account (and corresponding purchases) there as well while we're looking for a solution.

  • I am having similar issues - although the update opens it crashes as soon as the first settlement is placed. I am on an iPad mini os 12.4.7. Looking forward to a solution.

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