Scoreboard is cut off

  • The scoreboard only displays about 75% of its contents. The right side is cut off. I can scroll vertically but not horizontally to see the missing content. This is also true for every sub page in the scoreboard. I am playing single player on a Kindle Fire HD 10.

  • Thanks for your report. a fix for this issue is currently in internal testing at the dev team and will be included in the next update.

  • @Administrator Great. Thank you.

  • I have this same issue on iOS on the iPhone 11 where I can’t see the actual numbers like how many times I was robbed by other players, etc. in the postgame info. During the game, the dice rolls also extend off the right edge of the screen, though they display properly at the end of the match. This issue has persisted since the major 2.0 update to the game.

  • @administrators It's been several months now. What's the ETA on this fix?

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