IPad Mini constant crash since 2.0

  • Has anyone got details about why the game does not work on my iPad mini? I was playing the last version daily and since the update it won’t work. As soon as I play a settlement the game crashes completely.... is there any update or feedback on this? Thanks

  • @Mottykins
    Join the very unhappy club. They have not fixed this terrible issue yet. 😡

  • Ditto. From the very beginning of the upgrade. I regret IMMENSELY installing the upgrade. Put it back, please!!

  • I am in the same boat. My husband I play almost daily it works on his android but my I pad crashes every time a settlement is placed.
    I paid the $6 or what ever it was to unlock the first two games. They need to fix or give me my money back.

  • Are you all running iOS 12 on an iPad Mini 2nd Generation?

    Regrettably, this specific combination of devices (iPad Air 1 and iPhone 6 running iOS 12 are affected as well) has issues with the current update. We tested on these devices beforehand, and they worked fine - but they were on iOS 11. The dev team is currently investigating possible fixes. I'm very sorry for this, but if you have the option to use any other device in the meantime, you'll be able to use your CU account and corresponding purchases there as well.

  • I am having problems with a more recent iPad (2019 version running iOS 13.5.1). I get well into a game of Cities and Knights and then it suddenly stops allowing me to upgrade cities even when I have the necessary commodities.

    Less of a problem but it also doesn’t show the game statistics on the screen properly. They half appear but the right side of the screen is not visible and I can’t scroll across to see it. This works fine on my iPhone, (but my fingers are too fat to play the game properly on that!).

  • @Administrator I’m running iOS 12.4.7 and it doesn’t work for me

  • @Andy-Sparkes I also can only see half of the game statistics in my iPad mini running 13.5.1.

  • administrators


    We're aware of these issues and they will be fixed in the next update. Regarding the issue that affects the city upgrade UI: You are still able to upgrade cities via the tableau on the playing table. Depending on your settings you might need to zoom out to see it in front of you next to your playing pieces. This bug affects the UI overlay only.

  • Hi!! When it is going to be the app??

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