Another Epic Fail (Catan 2.0)

  • I was hoping with this update the coding for the dice was going to be more sound. Fact is, its worse. I've played about 7+ games just to get a good feel for it. Sure enough, about 2 numbers heat up, every other number is hosed. Nobody cares about Catan "suns", or stupid emoji icons. You can't enjoy a game like catan with sound mathmatics behind the dice system, that is the foundation of the game. Outside of that, ive also encountered floating roads and settlements, my entire board disappeared one game where I could build but could see none of the hexes, and you have to hit random buttons at times just to get the dice roll option or end turn option.

    This game IS and WILL continue to be ranked one of the worst games on Steam and for good reason. Until they sell it to a competent company with savvy developers this game is a complete flop. I've been waiting and hoping for 5+ years this wold improve and even be half the game the was. I'm tired of the wait, retired from the online version. Just the board version with friends from here on out.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I still don't get it, how they can't fix game that is pretty much god damn simple. So much crashes, bugs, some ships suddenly disappear from vision, players dont respond, the wole game freeze the turn and nobody can do anything, so you have to leave the game, loose elo, and loose stars. This has been happening since i play this game (couple of months). Terrible company, legendary fuck-up...

  • Another issue i had hopes to get fixed was the randomly picking up players to a single game!i mean why do we have the ranks if i am gonna play with players under 1000 r8ing with less than 10 games xp ... also how is it so hard to create a fair pc player?

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