Cannot buy catan gold?

  • Whenever I try to buy some Catan gold in order to buy the base game, it puts up the legal notice about terms and not withdrawing from buy which I click but then when I hit confirm the circling processing symbol appears, but it then hangs there and never progresses to the next screen to let me give you money!!! Please help

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    @Scootermcprooter Have you tried to manually log out and back in again? On what platform are you at the moment?

  • I am playing on my PC through steam. I have now tried logging out and logging back in so far after 10 minutes it won't even load the shop for me just leaves me with the rotating light behind the 7 hexagons which I take to be the Catan equivalent to the MS timer icon. It doesn't matter which part of the shop I click on Catan Gold, Expansions, Avatar Collections or Bundels, nothing happens. :-(

  • Having just checked again I can now get into the shop but it still will not allow me to buy any catan Gold, it just hangs after I hit to confirm I give up my right to withdraw from the purchase.

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    Are you able to access purchases in other games (or your steam account balance for example) as usual? At this step, the game communicates with the steam payment systems.

  • Yes I can access payments in other games and in Steam I can access payments. i have tried completely uninstalling Catan and then downloading it and re-installing it again and nothing has changed. I am at a loss and it's a game I really want to play!!!

  • Can anyone help me please?

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