CATAN Suns (in green) 4d 3h 34 min

  • CATAN Suns (in green) 4d 3h 34 min shows up on my screen near the Yellow Sun. What does this mean???
    I bought the game 2 days ago.

    Do I have to re-buy the game every week???

  • No, the gold sun recharges every 24 hours.

  • administrators

    @DotWantsStone The visualizes that for the next 4d 3h and 34 min you will receive 3 suns (once!) when you log in. Every account gets 3 suns one time when logging in during that time. So tell your friends and family that they will receive some extra suns for free right now.

  • I purchased the game. Does this mean I have unlimited access to games? Or am I limited to a certain number of games per day

  • If you purchased the base game (or an expansion) you can play what you purchased unlimited. The sun unlock unpurchased scenarios to try in single player mode.

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