UPDATE : Gamefinder issue - Getting a map i have disabled in auto-match!

  • Whenever i try to play greater catan - 4 players cities and knights and have cities and knights auto match with the map set to only have the map greater catan (4) and player number to 4, i still get placed in a "the first island" game. This should not be possible since i have disabled this map in the map list prior to the game. It probably is because there is no game to be found with the set parameters, but that shouldnt force me to play a game i DONT want to play or lose elo points if i leave. How can bugs like this still be in the game ffs please fix this!!!

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    @joopie2 would be great if you could send over a screenshot of your setting to support@catanuniverse.com. So far we haven´t had any complaints about that in 2.0 but we are eager to find out what going on.

  • @joopie2 When I started using the filter, at first I got the opposite result, only games I thought I had disabeled. Turned out, the check boxes worked the other way round.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen i dont think thats the issue, since i get the map i want (only one selected) for about 75% of the games, the other games are "the first island"which i did not select

  • @joopie2 You are right, that does sound different from my problem.

  • I sent the screenshot 6 days ago, but no reaction yet. Yesterday it was so bad that i went 4 or 5 games in a row (with only greater catan selected) that was played on the dreaded "The first island". Are you busy working it out or am i just ignored?

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    Not replying to every post does not mean we ignore anybody. We read the forums and all social media channels and gather feedback from there, but replying to every post ist just not possible. I've forwarded this to testing already to investigate.

  • @Administrator Sorry for not making it clear, but i meant i didn't got a reaction on my email sent to support@catanuniverse.com, i know and wouldn't expect a reaction on this thread. This thread is dead and ill just post here if there is a solution.

  • UPDATE : Were a few months further now and nothing has changed yet, i still get the wrong map about 25% of the time. I get this might not be the highest priority, but is there any news? Any chance someone is gonna look at the issue?

  • @Administrator @joopie2 this happens to me all the time as well. I never have first island selected and I often end up in a match there

  • I have the same problem... just had to play a "Heading for new shores” scenario, when I only have selected "The treasure islands” and "The fog islands”. It's not the first time since the last update!!

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