Multiplayer with Friends and Others (Lobby)

  • Is it possible to host a "lobby" with a friend using Auto-Match? For example: Me and one friend want to play together. We'd also like to play with two other users (not friends, just random people) in an Auto Match, for a total of 4 players.

    We attempted to do this today, but had to resign to play a Custom Match with two bots/AI instead.

  • administrators

    @BabyFrank this is not possible in Catan Universe. Friends playing together vs. "randoms" would bring a whole host of problems. We most likely would be swamped with reports about "team play". If you re looking for fellow Catanains wh might be up for a 2v2 best check out our discord server:

  • @Administrator Hello! I suppose I see where you're coming from...but it's not a team game. There can only be one winner. Also, just wanted to make it clear that we are not looking for "2v2" - just simply a way for friends to play with other people in the event that you don't have 3 other friends online at the exact same time and would rather not play against AI. I'd also argue that anyone configuring their Auto Match in the manner described above could reasonably expect the possibility of "team play" to occur, in which case they could just go back to playing how it's currently configured now. Just seems a bit shortsighted to not include a friends lobby based on a speculated "team play" problem.

    Regardless, I appreciate the efforts the team puts into the game. It's been really great so far. I'm sure this topic has been discussed before, but I couldn't find anything relevant regarding multiplayer (outside of people being absolutely shocked that their friends would have to purchase the same expansion as them in order to play together online...seriously, forum is flooded with these people!) so I thought I'd post one myself. Thanks for the reply and hope this gets considered in the future.