Are scrolls not available anymore?

  • When my friends leveled up to an increment of 5, they were gifted scrolls to unlock the expansions. I had also received scrolls at level 10 but then, after the latest update, I did not get any at level 15. When my friend joined in the last week or so, when they reached level 5, they also did not get any scrolls. Is this a bug? Is anyone else having this problem? How do I fix it?

  • administrators

    @kukie3 Scrolls will be discontinued and are only available in legacy mode. meaning you can use the ones you have but you won´t get new ones. Catan Suns will replace scrolls. You can read about it here:

  • So there's no more multiplayer way to unlock the expansions? The suns are only for single player mode right?

  • @Administrator / this is ABSOLUTELY unfair! I was not aware of this and I bought 3 000 Catan Gold thinking I would spend it on Scrolls. Now I spent 37$ for something that I will NOT use + I can’t do Auto Match anymore? Please contact me for a refund, I have no idea how to reach out other than this message. Thank you.

  • Why would you buy scrolls rather than buying the expansion? Once you get the expansion you can play unlimited auto matches in it.

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