Catan Universe gets basically everything wrong

  • This game feels as though it was created in a vacuum with no consideration for actual users. The primary goals of the user interface should be first clarity, then speed. While the new UI is fairly clear, it's not nearly as clear as the old PlayCatan design. Game information is much less readily accessible. None of the animations are worth the time that they take. Even animations that take fractions of seconds can be incredibly irritating when repeated over the course of several games. The only animations used should be those that are absolutely necessary to maintain the game's clarity. Having to click away from the map every time you want to build something becomes tiresome and irritating. Building a series of 3 or 4 roads at once requires far more clicking and waiting than it should. The UI for trading is an absolute mess. Using red numbers to indicate cards you don't have is unnecessarily confusing. Transitioning to an alternate screen for every trade offer is unnecessarily time-consuming and cumbersome, especially when it was handled so cleanly and clearly in the old PlayCatan game. I know I have so many more complaints, but I honestly can't bring myself to play another game on this terrible system to remember what they were. I'm gutted too, because I played probably 10 games per week on the old If Catan Universe stays the way it currently is, I will be playing 0. For now, I'll be watching this forum with the hope that the game reaches an actually playable level--but based on the initial plan, it's hard to have much faith in these developers. :disappointed_relieved:

  • Catan universe is just a joke and useless product ever seen. No interest to play it any more. Try to find an alternative now.

  • this game is unplayable

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