Broken offline timer

  • I've just been dropped from the game where one of the players was AFK from the very beginning. For reason unknown, he wasn't dropped and replaced with a bot. Instead, the game got stuck on his turn (he was placing the first settlement). After several minutes both me and another player reloaded the game and after that, we've noticed turn timer of that AFK player but when the time run out nothing happened. So we tried to do the same thing. I reloaded the game and I got a message saying that I've been kicked due to being disconnected for too long... Awesome... I won't be surprised If that AFK player won in the result because nobody wanted to wait. I don't even know if that game affected my ELO and karma since there is no way to view the history and statistics of your own games. Or is there game history somewhere?

  • I had the same problem 3 times in a row now. Someone doesn't place his settlements, his turn timer runs out and nothing happens. Time of 3rd game 16:15 UTC+1(Berlin).

    When I reconnect I get said error message saying that I've been kicked due to being disconnected for too long.

    In the 3rd game, one thing changed. One player was sucessfully repaced by AI (sadly not the one whose time ran out).

  • have you tried typing/reload in the chat?

  • @Administrator nope. I'll try next time. But what else can I do when it happens next time? Is there any way to cancel the game results and submit a bug report?

  • Same here. I reached out to another player from the game I was kicked from (without a kicktimer ever showing for me) and I saw her being timed out and she saw me being timed out. So whenever anyone looks stuck you should probably reload* as much as possible bc it might be YOU that is getting timed out even if the game doesn’t notify you as such.
    You DO lose ELO on this. I just lost 15 yesterday, and another recent one I was in dominant position 6pts vs 4,3,3 I hadn’t yet built a city and I have matched 6s ore/wheat plus another 8 ore, 5 sheep, 9brick (sole control of brick). I only lost 10 when kicked from this game, bc they were all ranked higher, but I would have gained about 15, so really I lost 40+ ELO on 2 games! They should be able to restore your ELO in cases where you clearly wouldn’t want to be trying to stall the game. Let other gain since you don’t want AI to play in, but at least give me mine back...

    *I can’t believe they changed from /r to /reload and that this isn’t documented somewhere considering how many problems the game has with kicktimers. I’ve been just closing and reopening which takes awhile to get back in.
    FYI this happened multiple times on my iPhone 11 with 100+Mbps out of maybe 15ish games, but never once on PC using chrome browser version with 50ish games.
    I won’t be using the iPhone again until they fix this.

    Maybe colonist will get their user base up before CatanU figures out their issues.

  • @Administrator reloading does not help when the problem is on the other player's side. TBH it seems like some of them do this on purpose. Is there any way to cancel such game results? I tried to report such AFK players and described the situation there but I don't even know the status of my reports... Is there any way to check it? Is there any public history/logs on your platform at all? I'm not even asking for separate pages. JSON API would be enough for starters

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    There is no public log, but use these internally to verify reports and take the necessary measures.

  • @Administrator A few days ago I startet searching for a game. During the search I went to fetch :walking: something. It took me longer :snail: than expected, and when I returned, the game had already started.
    It was my turn and the other players had left in despair. :scream: :scream_cat:
    I was claimed the winner :tada: by default. That seems very wrong :imp: to me, I should have been kicked :boom: and replaced by AI, :alien: loosing ELO, not gaining it.

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    If they were all impatient and left before your timer ran out, this would make sense in regards to Elo calculation. However, if you were gone longer, you should have been replaced by an AI.

  • @Administrator Exactly, and that´s what should happen and what usually does happen.
    I read other players complain about this before, I just never experienced it myself. To be honest, I thought it was impossible.

  • Any news on it? Did developers start working on the issue? Do you plan to cancel games affected by this bug?

  • It happened again today a few hours ago. Any chance that you will finally fix it? I haven't seen it for a month but it turned out that it was still somewhere around.
    Damn I lost ELO in 2 games in row just because of bugs in the game. It's really annoying.

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