Small resources UI

  • I don't like how after the update the UI for what resources I have is so small. I find it hard to quickly see what resources I have. I think It should be at least twice as big or have a setting to scale its size to what the player would like.

  • Agreed so much harder to see would love to see that larger or at least a setting to make it larger if preferred.

  • @Leseri @Developers I would apreciate it if I could adjust the size of the resource table to my needs. I like the new settings much better than the old ones, I just want to adjust it a little bit. I suppose different players will need different sizes depending on their devices and their eyesight. So you cannot find the perfect size for everyone. Much better to let us choose ourselves.

  • administrators

    @Rumpelstilzchen @Leseri @Bucs-place-06

    Thanks for your feedback. We have gathered feedback on the changed UI since the 2.0 release and will discuss possible adjustments with dev team at the start of next week.

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