Game freezes

  • Since the update, multi-player automatch games have been freezing: live player times out & then nothing happens.

  • @nirgov in multiple games it appeared to me that someone else timed out and nothing happens (game just frozen), but I contacted one of the other players later on and she said to her it was actually ME that was frozen. By the time I tried to refresh the kicktimer must have kicked me out. So basically, the game didn't let me know that it was me with connection issues. No kicktimer was present for any player. Emojis still worked, so not totally frozen. I would say to refresh in those situations, but unfortunately, I think closing out and reloading more than maybe 2-3 times would be enough to use up your kicktimer anyways...I’ve lost 40+ ELO on 2 games alone!

    Also. This only happens on my iPhone 11, never PC chrome browser which I play more often.

  • @lcoreyl Thank you. I'll try that. Very odd.

  • administrators

    @nirgov you can also try to type /reload in the game chat

  • @Administrator
    You should add this info to be present when you first enter chat screen it mentions a couple other / commands but not /reload. I was still trying /r to no avail.

  • Same issue here.
    Screenshots on google drive:

  • This just happened in our multiplayer game. The player that was seemingly not connected/frozen was using Firefox and tried refreshing the browser window multiple times to no effect. Then he tried to quit the browser and relaunch it and he was promptly replaced by AI. Argh! So frustrating.

  • @lcoreyl - FYI this just happened to y friend that was playing via Firefox browser. See my post above.

  • @Administrator said:

    @nirgov you can also try to type /reload in the game chat

    @administrators you can also try /fixing it once and for all...

  • @Administrator Every time I try /reload I am not let back into the game when it reloads. I've even tried this in games that weren't freezing and same thing. When the game reloads I'm simply at the home screen with an error message saying I was kicked from the last game :-1:

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