Lost Trust in Catan

  • I've been playing Catan since Covid, back in March. I hate this new update. I can't play multiplayer anymore because I can no longer earn or buy scrolls. I've considered buying the game expansion but I don't trust it. I think there's a 95% chance I'll shell out six bucks only to find out that there's still more hoops to jump through, still more purchases I need. I've lost all trust in the team here. There was an update during the pandemic requiring purchases due to the spike in users. Now there's another update requiring more money. It proves to me that Catan is going to continue making it difficult to play while asking for more money. And you should be ashamed of your greed during a time like this. You've lost a fab,

  • administrators

    @Orp-Natac If you e.g buy the Basegame you can play as many matches as you want in Automatch, Custom match and Singleplayer. You can also use the purchase on any other device we support if you log in with your account.

    Only special events we do in the expansion, like a Season might cost lead to further transactions if you decide you want to take part in them. But all Seasons have guaranteed rewards.

    Catan Universe doesn't have any money sinks and we will keep it ad-free.

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