Boat Bugs

  • There are a few bugs with the boat moves, they come and go.
    Sometimes Boats turn invisible.
    Sometimes they become unselectable and therefore can't be moved.
    If boats form a closed loop they seem to be counted as connecting towns so get stuck.

    This is enough to throw a game on certain maps / situations.

  • @AngryPuppy I had this problem today on the Treasure Islands scenario playing cities and knights. It happened on revealing the treasure tokens (did not happen on treasures received from ocean land reveals). It was game breaking, you snake out your shipping line and then suddenly the end of it disappears and you can't ever move that line again.

  • Yes, it seems to be as you said - the ships disappear when opening a treasure box. For me it has only happened in the "Treasure Islands" scenario and when the treasure is " Road Building". I haven't seen it happen (yet) in "Oases" or when opening any other types of treasure.

  • Yeah, I am having the same issue with treasure island... Sometimes when revealing treasure tokens.

  • Regarding the rules when ships form a circle, please refer to the FAQ of the board game here:
    If you believe based on this there's still an issue with ships you should be able to move, please provide a screenshot and we'll follow up on that.

    As for the "invisible" ships/roads: We're still investigating this issue as there is currently no 100% reproduction for this. If you have any details, e.g. in exactly what in-game situation this happened, please let us know. This will certainly speed up identifying and then fixing this issue. As far as we can say at the moment, it's a display issue: reloading the game shows the previously invisible elements again. Nevertheless, we'll try to fix this asap.

  • @administrators As I have reported on the Discord server, the bug seems to only happen in the "Treasure Islands" scenarios when opening a treasure chest with a ship. It does appear to be display related since other players can still see the ship. Also, as you mentioned, closing the app and rejoining the game will restore the ship visibility and movement.

  • Same problem to report with boats on treasure island. Boats frozen after picking up treasure. I also noticed that when I frustration clicked on the boats rapidly they explode momentarily. I wonder why this happens. Seems to do this animation with cities and settlements to.

  • They added a few (unnecessary) visual gimmicks like exploding numbers, being able to tumble your own pieces around (board physics option), and some other "cute" bells and whistles. I wish they would have just concentrated on fixing the things that were broken and implementing improvements people actually asked for.

  • @Administrator This bug happens to me frequently when I play the Greater Catan scenarios. It always seems to happen when I am assigning a number token to an island terrain hex. I tried reloading the game and that did cause the ship to reappear, so at least that is a workaround.

  • Yes, I have also had it happen in Greater Catan when placing the number taken from the main island. The @administrators on the Discord server say that the next update is supposed to fix this and the update is supposed to be released late this month - after some software show.

  • The /reload command in the chat window will make the ship visible again and allow it to be moved. As for the update, now they are saying mid November (or longer) before they release it - because they want to test it thoroughly.:laughing:

  • THE SHIP BUG happens in almost EVERY game since the update...


    And the TRADE BUG as well...
    Each time I have to reload.

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