New interface, various issues

  • I posted elsewhere about the new interface being slow and sometimes freezing - here are some other issues I've noted.

    1. At start of game the words 'place your settlement' appear right over the game board, which can make it hard to see where all the best options are (or at least one has to move the board around several times). Are these words needed at all? Everyone past a basic Catan tutorial knows what's going on in that part of the game, so this instruction seems redundant as well as in the way.

    2. The new little pop-up people pointing at their watches are annoying. I often play Catan just to relax and don't want to be prodded to be faster if I don't feel like it - if I wanted to do a timed version I'd turn the timer on. (Obviously, I'm talking about the single player against AI scenario - if one is playing against other human players then the timer is on anyway, which is fine.) Could there at least be an option added to turn off the pop-ups if one doesn't want them?

    3. The trade button has moved from the left of the screen to the right, so that it is now next to the roll-dice/go-to-next-player button. This makes it all too easy to hit the next-player button by accident, when really one wanted to make a trade!

    4. At the end of the game, once someone has won, the board is frozen in whatever state it was in when play ended. If it happened to end when the board was zoomed in, it's impossible to unzoom to see the whole board again. I quite like looking at the whole board after a game and comparing it with the stats that come up. It used to be that you could manipulate the board just as when the game was active - could that feature be reintroduced please?

    5. Final issue might just be me not fully understanding the various scenarios yet, but it looks like when you go to the scenarios list for Cities and Knights, several of them are real CaK scenarios, but some are just Seafarers scenarios w/o CaK rules. This seems a bit confusing. Surely those which are not CaK should appear only in the Seafarers list?

    Not complaining - I think overall I like the new interface, though it takes a little getting used to, but hoping this feedback may be helpful, thanks!

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