Catan 2.0 Disappearing Pieces

  • The following are bugs and glitches my wife and I have experienced with Catan Universe 2.0 (we’re both playing on iPhone):

    1. As has been reported, the option for city improvements disappears if another player has already obtained the metropolis for that section. This has happened to both my wife and I under these conditions and yes, we have cities to improve (e.g. AI had all 3 metropolises, my wife had 5 coins, but politics was not showing up on her list of improvements. I had 4 cloth but trade was not showing up on mine. This ONLY happens when another player has received the metropolis first)

    2. Road pieces, ships, knights often disappear from the board. For roads and ships, it seems to be triggered when placing the piece triggers an event (e.g. finding treasure and getting to pick resources or cards. Then, when returning to the main screen, the piece you just placed is gone (although it does show up on my wife’s screen or vice versa)) This can usually be fixed by closing the app and signing back in.

    3. One time, after closing out and rejoining the game, one of my previously placed knights had been demoted from strong to regular without any reason for doing so as it was still my turn.

    4. Number of settlements to be built is misrepresented on game board. E.g. i had built 5 settlements, but according to my piece count I could still build 4 more. Of course, when I tried, I actually couldn’t build another settlement because I had actually maxed out.

  • I have had a similar issue with the knight demotion.
    2nd level knight was used to break someone's longest road. After it was moved to that intersection and fed again it demoted to 1st level knight... but only visually on the board. It was still showing as strong knight in the knight count for that player and against the barbarians though. (screenshot here: )

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