A few glitches with new Update

    • The information button text next to the trade button on lower right sometimes covers up the button to purchase a development card.

    Info text covering resource card button

    • Sometimes a ship disappears and cannot be moved. It occupies the space but doesn't show on the screen.

    Ghost ship

    • After forcing a close, opening the android app brought up the background image without any logon dialog or buttons. I had to uninstall and reinstall the app.

    Logon screen

    • When the dice are rolled the sound effect is played twice. Please fix this.

    • When another player makes a move the screen zooms in then zooms out too far. I have to re zoom the screen each turn. Please provide and option to turn this feature off. It slows the game play, provides no benefit, and is slightly nauseating to watch. If you want to provide a useful zoom feature, have it zoom to an area touched by the user during their Own turn. Make the screen zoom back out to a user defined setting, so it doesn't have to be re zoomed every turn.

    • Please remove any unnecessary animation that slows down game play, such as resource distribution after a dice roll. From other comments, I believe most players would much prefer
      performance over fancy graphics.

    • Other requests: Make expanded player drop down boxes more compact so they don't cover as much of the board. This would be helpful for smaller screens.

    These issues were found using a Lenox c330 Chromebook and the latest Android app.

  • One more item:

    The ELO tab does not display the user names.

    Elo Tab

  • Thank you very much for the info and feedback. We will look into it

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