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    @Zultan-Fritz you can disable the auto-zoom option in the in-game options.

  • The new animations and effects do seem to slow things down if for no other reason than they are visually distracting. The new "splash" effect when placing roads, settlements, etc. is annoying. And the AI emoji are really, really annoying. They really should give us the option to disable them.

    There is one aspect that is certainly slowing me down - the dice roll button doesn't become active as quickly. After a player ends his turn there is a definite and noticable pause before the dice roll button becomes active. It used to be I could click it immediately, but now I have to wait for the graphic to change before my click will register.

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  • @Stone-Age Very much agreed I played this game almost every night with the old version the new version stinks for so many reasons I stopped playing after the new version came out. Just tried playing again tonight and just can't get into the it! Why did it get overhauled? The speed is slow on a computer using steam. The animation is too much! Trade screen location stinks and you can't keep the old one up in the middle of the screen. Took a good things that played much like the board game and tried to make it more of a video game. Too bad!

  • Would love to have the old version back. Sorry to the developers as I am sure in theory the changes looked great but they had a good thing going. I've been playing since March and know many other people that started then as well. I have not talked to a single person that likes the new version or is happy with the changes. The old version had some issues like the game locking up/freezing but that could have been fixed without an overhaul. Would love to hear the rationale for the overhaul and love to to see the users usage my guess is that it's dropped. Too slow and many parts of the overhaul slow down the users ability to play fast.

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