Issues after the update

  • Is this the update no-one asked for? we’ve gone backwards

    • it seems slower in general. Eg game animations - the time to get resource cards or trade
    • there’s lag when animations are happening so I can’t press buttons. We used to be able to go real quick not have to wait
    • The Elo screen at the end of a game doesn’t have the team names
    • there’s an ADDITIONAL tap to start a game
    • are the buttons in the game smaller?
    • “trade” is next to “end go”. I can see myself confusing the two

    On my phone I play zoomed in a bit.

    • The animations are frustrating. When someone does something It zooms me into that spot then right out to whole board view. I really want to turn all that off.

    On my iPad I can’t see the dice chart, most of it’s off the screen

  • @bagginz Well said! The animations have slowed the game down!

  • administrators

    @bagginz All automatic camera zooms can be turned off via the in-game menu. After you started a game, open up the menu, choose the gear button and select "game".

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