Statistics no longer fit on screen

  • Since the update the statistics breakdown at the end of the games and the dice statistics during the game no longer full fit on the screen. The edges of each are cut off meaning that most of it is unreadable. Other parts of the UI no longer seem to line up and certain bits of text have just disappeared. I am playing on a Amazon fire HD tablet which worked fine before the update was released.
    Can anyone help me sort this issue out?

  • I’ve tried everything to get all the stats to show on the same screen. It simply cutoffs off half of them. Another flaw with the update. So frustrating!!!!!

  • I play on iPad, same problem. I just emailed; hope they reply.
    I also would like to disable the emojis — just an annoyance when playing AIs.

  • The screen resolution for the statistics screens will be adapted in the next update.

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