City Improvement Blocked in ver 2.0.0

  • Please use the following workaround until the fix is available: There is a small tableau in the lower right corner of the game board (the one you will also have in your physical game box) using the tableau you will be able to upgrade your cities.

  • Hello.
    Unfortunately the workaround not always work.
    I've just finished a game where I already had 2 metropolis on my 2 cities, one from politics on 4th level and one from trade on 5th level. I only had 2 cities and I was unable to unlock 4th level of education even though I did have 4 papers in hand and that upgrade wouldn't have given me the 3rd metropolis as it was already on one of my opponent's city.
    In other words, Just because I only had 2 cities, both upgraded to metropolis, I was unable to unlock 4th level of the education even though it wouldn't have given me the metropolis.
    Screenshot here:

  • Just encountered this for the first time. It was infuriating. Had both politics and science at 3 and could not get either to upgrade. Had 8 politics commodities and 7 science. Eventually just traded them for regular resources to build other things.

  • I'm having the same issue and the Crane card is definitely involved. I deleted the app from iPad and reinstalled, but still having same issue. once card is played, I can never improve that category of city-improvement again!


  • Will be fixed in today's update. Please note the server downtime at 2 pm [CEST]

  • @Administrator hi, nothing got fixed for me. still crashing before game starts

  • @Administrator this does not work, not allowing science upgrade with paper. Please advise.

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