Catan Suns???

  • What is Catan Suns? Can someone please explain???

  • They needed to add another "currency" to give players in order to keep them interested. Next up, loot boxes. This is just getting more and more similar to a microtransactions game.

  • So Suns are like tokens and scrolls?

  • administrators

    @Steveaggie04 you can use Catan Suns to play every singleplayer scenario we offer in Catan Universe. They will replace scrolls in the future but for now, you keep all the Scrolls you had and can still sue them as before.

  • Can we use Catan suns now and how? Please instruct

  • @Administrator I thought I had already purchased the singleplayer games. Will I have to pay in the future?
    Or is this just a way to let new players who havent bought the game yet, get a taste for it?

  • @Administrator If suns are supposed to be a substitute for scrolls, why can't I activate Seafarers using a sun like I could using a scroll?

    I understand scrolls are limited and yellow suns are not, but yellow suns only allow you to play once a day effectively so I think its a fair trade-off.

    Please think about allowing the use of suns to activate Seafarers/C&K.

  • administrators

    @van_the_man_bismarck Suns can be used for every singlepalyer scenarios. Choose singleplayer, scenario and start is using a sun :)

  • administrators

    @Rumpelstilzchen If you purchased in the past those purchases are still in your account.

  • @Administrator Good to hear. :smiley_cat:

  • I activated a scroll today to play single player and after the first game finished, it would not let me play another scenario without a SUN. Is this how it is supposed to work now? I feel like I wasted a scroll if this is a glitch...

  • I don’t get how suns work either. When I try any of the ones I don’t own, it only offers to unlock with scroll. How do I use a sun instead? Feels like such a waste, they’re about to expire and I can’t figure it out.

  • administrators

    @SkippyMcGee you can then click on the scenario button, choose a scenario and play it using a sun

  • Ah, okay. So scrolls don’t really unlock anything anymore? They just give me the right to spend suns? Sounds a little backwards to me.

  • sorry to insist on this, but... as far as I understand, Scrolls could be used also to unlock features like "Friendly robber" on multiplayer games. If there are no scrolls anymore, and suns are for singleplayer games, isn't possible to do that?

  • @Administrator They certainly replace scrolls, but are a poor substitute. Why are suns only single player? We used to be able to use scrolls for multiplayer

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