Mouse clicking bug

  • New catan update that I’m playing today has my cursor clicking in the completely wrong location. Mouse and click location both worked fine when I played yesterday before the update

  • I have tried restarting my computer, restarting Catan Universe, using a usb mouse, using trackpad, and nothing is working.

    The Catan cursor still appears on the screen but will only select things far left or right of the cursor, never above or below (glad about that at least...). So vertically, the cursor is fine, but never horizontally, unless I have my cursor perfectly in the middle of the screen. If my cursor is on the left half of the screen it will select too far left, if I have my cursor on the right half of the screen it will select too far right.

    I would attach a picture but I'm not sure how to on this site.

  • Just tried to play against o see if i could just guess where the mouse would click. Can't. Unplayable. Do any Catan employees or developers read these posts?

  • Same problem, especially in Trade Window...almost lost my turn trying to figure out where to click to press the Bank button (half inch below the button). Other elements like accepting trade or picking player are just below. Placing the robber...still trying to figure it out...frantic clicking eventually drops it.

    Minor gripe on the camera zoom...after zoom it doesn't return the board to my zoom settings. Had to turn that off...annoying.

  • Logging back in fixed mouse issue for me...all accurate click locations now and generally more responsive!

  • administrators

    @bitchell007 would be great if you could reach out to and give us a little info on the device and the screen resolution you are using.

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